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Saidia Home and Pre-School

Investing in the future of children in Kenya

Together We Will Give Saidia Children a Brighter Future

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We provide a safe haven for children who have been abandoned, give them a home and prepare them for independence.

The age range of the children is from newborn to eighteen years with the older ones helping the little ones under the supervision of local professional staff.  The Saidia Children’s Home and Bondeni Preschool take care of over 135 children, from providing safe care for newborns to encouraging late teens to get scholarships and diplomas. Many of these children come from the harshest of conditions, we try to give them hope and help in a family-style setting.

"Our aim is to prepare our children for independence."

Briony Bax, Trustee


By donating £30 ($40)  a month, you can


Feed 5 children for a week


Buy 2 school uniforms


Help towards high school fees

About Saidia Children's Charity

Saidia Children’s Home was established in 2004 by four Kenyans, Jill Simpson, MBE, Anne Mitchell, Theresa Wahito and Jane Kinuthia. The non-denominational family-style home is situated in Gilgil and is sited in a secure building with separate wings for boys and girls and a large play area. Saidia accommodates up to 60 children and our staff team welcomes children of all needs, ethnicities and backgrounds. The age range of the children is from newborn to eighteen years with the older ones helping the little ones under the supervision of professional local staff.  Saidia is fortunate to own a shamba, a small agricultural plot, where the children learn agricultural skills and grow and harvest organic produce.


Children are typically brought to the home by the police after having been abandoned, trafficked, or abused.  We commit to caring for the child until eighteen years old and offer scholarships after that for further education.  Our aim is to prepare our children for independence and encourage education as a tool for them to have a bright future.


In addition to the home, we have a preschool in the heart of the Bondeni, the most deprived area of Gigil.  75 preschool children gather every day for basic lessons and nutritious food giving them a safe and happy place to spend their days.  We partner with the Canadian charity, Chalice, in this project.


Give a child an independent future


How you can help



With donations from £30 ($40) a month, you will provide food, uniform and education, with updates from the children.



Run, party or play.  However you want to fundraise for Saidia, we will be here to support via social media.



Trips are guided by one of our board members and give a unique opportunity to experience the warmth and welcome of the local people in Gilgil in an authentic setting.


Want to arrange a fundraiser or come and volunteer?  Reach out!

Please feel free to contact us with anything from press enquiries to questions.


We’d happily promote your run, cycle ride or bake sale.

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