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Schools Helping Schools

Would your school like to establish a partnership with Saidia with an exchange of letters or even a school visit if you are planning an overseas outing to Kenya? 


You would be assured of a warm welcome and we can help advise on local accommodations and attractions.


Saidia Penpals 

Create friendships and connections with children on the other side of the world with Saidia penpals.

Students can learn about life in Kenya, improve communication skills, make friends and understand a new culture. 

Visit Kenya

Arrange a school trip to Kenya where students can experience life at Saidia School, learn about different cultures and create lifelong bonds with Saidia students. 


Schools can support children in arranging fundraising opportunities for Saidia.  Students will be able to make a commitment to help students of Saidia with a bake sale, a party, a fun run or a camp out.

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