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Update on the children

We are pleased to report that all the children are being well cared for by the professional staff at Saidia under the leadership of Eva Muhahala and Sarah Nduta and that things in Kenya are getting back to normal after Covid. Our primary students attend the Township School which is the local state school in Bondeni, with a local bus company taking the little ones each day. January is when all the new school uniforms need to be purchased and at £15 ($20) per child it is a big undertaking. Our High Schoolers are spread over several schools and our oldest Stephen and Sophie were taking their final exams when we were there. It is especially poignant as Stephen was the very first toddler who came to Saidia and now he is a strapping 18-year-old ready for his next adventure.

Our incredible School Leavers

This year we have had seven graduates from the home and we are proud to announce that three of them will attend university which is a testament to the education and guidance they have been given. Wilson has started a three-year bachelor’s degree in commerce and Accounting at Zetech University College, Susan has started a 3-year BA course at University of Nairobi which will lead to a teaching degree and John has started a 3-year BSc in Eco-Tourism Hotel & Institution Management at Mboya University. Two other graduates, Brian and Norman will be studying for a one-year certificate in plumbing and Damaris and Jane Theresa are both enrolled in a one-year hair and beauty styling courses. These steps in further education are made possible by a kind grant from a UK donor. Most of our graduates are now needing appropriate technology for their courses so if you have an interest in helping to supply laptops or tablets to our students please be in touch. (Please note we cannot send them from overseas due to excessive duty charges).

Stephen in 2008 and now in 2022. We are going to miss his smiling face when he graduates.

Our Alumni

Each year we give a lunch and invite all our alumni back for chicken and chips and then a visit to Saidia. We make sure we cover their fares to ensure that all can afford to come. This year we had a very special lunch as we marked the graduation of David from his three-year diploma course in Supply Chain Management and Julia’s graduation from her teaching degree. Graduations in Kenya are a big deal and we dressed them both up and paraded up the street singing and dancing to the home where our current children could celebrate their older brothers and sisters and their success. Cake was eaten and singing, and dancing followed. We hope by holding these graduations at the home we will inspire the younger children.

We were incredibly touched this year as the alumni, led by Cellyne, arranged a collection to honor two of our longest serving employees, Rispa, the baby nurse and Mama Rhoda the cook. Each were surprised by a gift certificate to Chawaka Supermarket and a special cake.

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